Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Russ Whitney helps realtors to know the right keywords for listings

As per Russ Whitney's belief, the first impression doesn’t happen the moment a potential buyer walks in the front door. It starts with the listing. As a realtor, don’t miss the opportunity to make your client’s listing stand out. It’s easy to copy and paste the same words into listing descriptions over and over. But now might be a good time to ask yourself if you’re using the right words to attract better offers?

The New Rules of Real Estate along with certain keywords help listings sell far above their expected value. Russ Whitney insists to take a look and see if you’re already using these words (or need to incorporate them more often!). If any of them describe your listing, you may want to consider adding them to your listing description.

1. Luxurious

Does the home have finishes and amenities that are high-end? This is the word for you. Even homes priced in the lower end tend to sell for 8.2% more than expected when the word “luxurious” is used in the listing.

2. Captivating

“Captivating” leaves room for the imagination to wonder why the listing is as such –much more so than just “nice” or “pleasant.” Plus, listings described as “captivating” sell for 6.5% more than anticipated.

3. Impeccable

Think: move-in ready and a high quality home. What more could a buyer want? Homes that used “impeccable” in their listings sold for 5.9% more than other homes. So there’s also that.

4. Stainless Steel

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! If your listing has stainless steel appliances, this is where the word really pays off. Homes priced in the lower end sold for 5% more than expected when “stainless” was incorporated into the listing.

5. Landscaped

Don’t forget about the exterior! No one wants to think about having to plant or lay down grass in addition to moving in. If your listing has a presentable curb appeal, don’t forget to use “landscaped” – it’ll serve you to the tune of a 4.2% increase.

6. Granite/Quartz

Granite/Quartz, yes, is still hot. Buyers want to feel they are purchasing luxury, no matter what price range they are in. If your listing has granite/quartz countertops or granite/quartz anything, use this word!

7. Pergola

A pergola, or an arbor, is a pretty unique garden feature, and most listings won’t have it. But if yours does, don’t forget to include it in the description! Homes that used “pergola” sold for 4% more than anticipated.

8. Remodel

Most sellers will not ignore their remodeling efforts and they’re right. Include any remodelled features within the home and expect your listing to sell for 2-3% higher than expected.

9. Gentle

Note your typical word to describe a home, but think about the location. Are there “gentle” waves to be heard through the windows or “gentle” rolling hills nearby? If so, expect your home priced in the higher-end to sell for 2.3% more than anticipated.

10. Tile

For homes priced in the lower end, using “tile” to describe features goes a long way. Whether it’s a backsplash in the kitchen or new tiling in the bathroom, using the word “tile” in listing descriptions results in a 2% higher sale price than expected.

The bottom line is that “luxurious,” “captivating” and “impeccable” real estate keywords all these are just a few simple words that could have a serious impact on your sales.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Russ Whitney's-Simple ways to earn income

Mostly forty percent of young people want to be their earn income someday? Those are ambitious entrepreneurs in fact. Russ Whitney proves facts that only a fraction of those people really start a business. Some get comfortable in a way of life that they can't afford to give up. Others realize how tough it is to be a businessperson and never try. Sometimes life just happens and makes entrepreneurship unattainable for the rest.

Entrepreneurship Goals

Russ Whitney suggests no organization was successful on day one. Almost no businesses are successful after one calendar year. If you think entrepreneurship is the ticket to instant riches, you need a reality check. For a long-term goal; you will probably have to work hard within the face of what seems like failure at times.


Discipline is also about managing your entrepreneurial inclinations. Many natural-born entrepreneurs are blessed with minds that are idea-generating machines. Some of those ideas are gold mines which are the good news.

Take Risks

No wonder so few people do not take the chance to earn income. Russ Whitney claims that if you can't find certainty in your business,intend on finding it elsewhere, maybe for many years at a time, everyone has a need for a level of certainty.

Being a Leader

As a business owner, you will have to be able to lead. Trusting an inner compass to guide you when there are no outside indications as to what step to take next. It means allowing people to rely on you. As per Russ Whitney's view nobody thinks that running a business is easy.

Uncomfortable State

Mostly individuals underestimate just how hard it can be. There can be times as a business owner you will be in a state of anxiety, worry, stress and pain.Being an entrepreneur Russ Whitney claims having the capacity to live and function in this condition for extended periods of time, and having the ability to find a way to shut it off so it doesn't consume your personal life as well as your career. To earn income you must be able to function in a uncomfortable state.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Russ Whitney- The real estate king

Russ Whitney, a pioneer in real estate investing and training, began his career in a humble way and became a renowned real estate investor, self made millionaire within a short span of time. Millions of entrepreneurs and young business men were benefited by Russ Whitney’s real estate advices and high end business consultancies. His power packed guidance could reap high profit in any business, irrespective of their current position and capital. Careful planning, true dedication made Russ Whitney become the master in the field of real estate. Through his insights, even a small scale entrepreneur can achieve a remarkable level of financial independence without any risk.

Perfect real estate consultant:

There are many real estate trainers available today, but Russ Whitney is quite different from them. His sound real estate knowledge and helpful advice will equip you with the business investing tricks and helps you rank among the rich. The real estate investing guru get you acquainted about various techniques, options, strategies and business development ethics that can scale your business to next level. The best part of Russ is that apart from expert financial advice, he motivates you personally and helps get rid from the feelings of insecurity about real estate investing.

Russ Whitney’s books:

The real estate connoisseur wants his wisdom and insights reliable to everyone, so he authored several books that explain seemingly difficult real estate concepts in an easy way. The practical and proven strategies provided in the book renders you immense knowledge about money making opportunities.Some of his fabulous books include:

  • Hurdles and pitfalls of real estate investing

  • Building wealth

  • Millionaire real estate mentor

  • The millionaire real estate mindset

  • Inner voice: unlock your purpose and passion

Whitney wrote more than 30 books, work books,home study course materials; among them building wealth was his master piece.With this collection of books, one can successfully negotiate and develop the real estate business with self assurance.

Real estate achievements:

Russ Whitney is capable to transform a small scale entrepreneur to CEO through his skillful guidance. He is a share holder in many national and international companies. Whitney with his accumulated wisdom and real estate knowledge scaled one of his businesses from $0 to $250 million dollars per year in revenue. One of his most significant achievement is that he agreed to partner in a fledging construction company that was encountering poor revenue. Under his leadership and guidance the company had revenues of $750 million within a short span of time.

Russ Whitney’s real estate projects:

Skyline/Trafalgar land project:

Russ Whitney purchased 28 acre land for a huge sum of $5, 160,000. He developed a site plan and dissected the land into several parcels that are provided with utilities. He successfully sold the parcel for $8, 500,000 with a profit of $3, 340,000.

Bent wood estates ALF:

A bentwood estate ALF is his on-going project. A 247 bed assisted living facility with full care Alzheimer units. Currently these units were under sale.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Russ Whitney’s charity box

Apart from being a millionaire real estate mentor and financial planner, Russ Whitney is also known for his philanthropic activities and charitable deeds. For the past 30 years, he has launched numerous charitable projects and the mission of his projects was to reach the needy through his good deeds. Beyond managing day-to-day operations of his business ventures, he also supports wide array of charitable organizations that includes youth programs, elder programs, domestic violence shelters, Salvation Army services, cancer analysis organizations etc. He assisted the rehabilitation of the prisoners by supplying home research courses and other training materials, which is capable of educating true meaning of life. He is an amazing personality, who cannot tolerate the sufferings of his fellow men around him, either physically or mentally.

Russ Whitney- The great philanthropist:

Though, he is keen in pursuing his company’s success, Whitney also strived hard for the social welfare. The real estate mentor showed special interest in youth development programs. Russ Whitney is well known for his work with at-risk youths, he successfully raised a fund of $2 million for building first youth center at his home town. The strategic business advisor has created job opportunities for several youths around the world, through his companies.

Man of generosity:

Beyond financial courses, he personally motivated people by giving advice on psychological aspects. He conducts free classes for financially backward people and trains them rigorously in improving communication skills, strengthening relationships and building personal financial strategies. Russ Whitney generously donated his time, cash and coaching resources to the poor and needy for placing them on fast track to success. For the welfare of people in Costa Rica, he built miles of roads, brought in best utilities and infrastructure at his own expense.

Russ Whitney’s self less service:

He employed the local Red Cross society with critical supplies, essential provisions etc. Russ Whitney followed the biblical tenet that “to whom much is given, much is expected.” This noble phrase impacted and motivated him to do service for people. He wants people to get benefited through his insights, so he made available his teaching materials as free downloadable files. Russ Whitney is the only person, who finds happiness in other’s happiness.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Russ Whitney and Real Estate! How it All started.

Russ Whitney, the famous real estate mentor decided to start his career in the field of real estate at the age of 20 years. He never attended high school; he started working in a slaughter house making 5 dollars per hour.

Russ Whitney was married at the age of 20 years and became a father of a kid at 21. Having experienced everything tough in his life in his early years, Russ Whitney wanted to do something great with his life. Something told him he could become rich, he could become successful and that’s when he came across a book about real estate and properties. The book actually mentioned a formula that could calculate if an investment in real estate would be profitable or not.

Russ Whitney was brought up with typical mindset around him, who believed that life will go all fine when you don’t try anything risky. It meant a work that was regular; it meant paying bills on time and simply flowing in life with the flow. But Russ Whitney dint want to do all of that. He wanted to live the life of his dreams, wanted to drive the car he desired and wanted to live his life being rich.

Despite not knowing anything about real estate, Russ Whitney still decided to risk it all the way and make a start to his career. He bought a $10 book that had information about real estate. Russ found it sensible and decided to step into the field of real estate and investments. But there was also something that intuited him about choosing this path. Russ calls it as his 6the sense. He could actually feel it. His 6th sense told him this could take him where he saw himself to be. He told himself that this could or could not work out for him, but he at least needed to give it a try.

Russ Whitney was inspired by Jim Rohn, whom he calls his mentor now. He had told him, “Don’t let you learning lead to Knowledge, and instead let your learning lead to action!” that’s what gets people rich. And that’s what Russ did. He turned his learning about real estate into action. And today Russ Whitney has trained thousands of people a month in the field of real estate and investment.

Russ Whitney says some people come to him for a reason; some come for a season and some for a lifetime. Today Russ Whitney calls himself as a stepping stone for all those who come to him for training. Russ Whitney specializes in training people how to become financially independent.

For Russ Whitney, it all started from a thought, a thought that led his learning into action. And that action has not only changed Russ Whitney’s life but through him changed the life of many others in and around him too. In the following video Russ Whitney himself talks about his success and how it all started for him.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Russ Whitney discusses Inner Voice at SANG VI

Larry Bent the founder & CEO of the Thought Leaders Mastermind Series, the SANG events, interviews Mr. Russ Whitney, popularly known as the Real estate Guru. Russ Whitney opens up on his book The Inner Voice and shares his experiences of his personal life. The speech by Russ Whitney was more of a casual talk than an actual speech, which actually made the audience interactive. Russ Whitney was successful in conveying his ideas in a clearer manner.

His speech has not only inspired the audience present there, but also the viewers online. The below screenshot shows the comments from his overwhelmed fans who listened to Russ Whitney’s speech which turned out to be a life changing experience for many.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Russ Whitney's Tips for Rental Vs Owning Home

Renting typically requires minimal effort, but as a homeowner you will invest hard work into your home. In fact, Russ Whitney says that the mentality between you as a renter and you as an owner will vary significantly more than you are probably expecting.

You probably did a good job of saving as a renter, especially if you earned every penny of your down payment. However, saving becomes a top priority as a homeowner. You are always going to be thinking that an unexpected expense is going to surface and drain you. Whether you end up needing a new roof or you desperately want to remodel the kitchen, your savings account will get paid first.

Nearly everyone has neglected a minor repair in a rental. You could not bring yourself to schedule an appointment with your landlord. When minor repairs need addressed in your own home, you want to take care of them right away. You might even immediately drive to the home improvement store.

Russ Whitney suggest that there are plenty of renters who care about their community, but those who don't typically do once they become a homeowner. You want family owned businesses to succeed, so you do what you can to support them. You get excited about a new factory opening because that means more job opportunities, which could result in a rise in property values. It becomes a seller's market when people are relocating to the area for work.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Russ Whitney insists-5 Important Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Choosing the correct real estate agent when you are selling or buying your home can make the difference between your home selling or buying in a short period of time on the market indefinitely. Russ Whitney's real estate tips helps you to find out if the realtor you are considering has what it takes to get your home sold here are five important questions you should ask your agent.

1. What testimonial and experience do you have?
First off, you clearly want to be certain your real estate agent is approved to sell houses in your state. In accumulation to ensuring your realtor is licensed, ask if they are a associate of any trade organizations, such as the National Association of Realtors.

2. Can I see your sales for the before six months?
In accumulation to looking at the number of homes the agent has sold, assess how long it took for houses to sell from the listing date, as well as the difference between the asking value and selling value. If there is a considerable gap between the listing and selling date and value, this might not be the best agent to sell your home.

3. What is your commission?
In most cases, you can guess to pay between 5% and 6% of the selling cost. Very rarely will the commission ever be superior to this. Depending on your realtor and how belligerent they are willing to be with marketing your house, you may even locate some who are willing to go as low as 3%.

4. What type of marketing plan do you have for my house?
Find out how the agent plans to go about bringing your home to the attention of potential buyers. Will they hold open houses? Are they going to place ads in local papers, local real estate magazines or weekly’s? List it on their agency facebook page or other social media networks?
5. How will you stay in touch with me?
A good realtor will ask you how you desire that communication take place. Do you wait for phone calls or prefer emails? Do you want a weekly update or do you only desire to be contacted with important information, such as an offer? He or she should stand by your wishes, but you should also try to compromise to come up with what works finest for both of you.

Russ Whitney Real Estate

Monday, 29 June 2015

Russ Whitney says"Make Plans for Retirement via Real Estate Purchase"

Buying a real estate during retirement years is one of the toughest decisions a person can make.As per Russ Whitney's plan the best thing about real estate purchase is that it doesn’t require paying taxes, if you have enough funds. Investing can be guided by different objectives.Investing in real estate can be a good way to make retirement living more substantial.

Real estate purchases can also provide steady income from rent, and the objective that guides retirees to invest in this market to earn significant funds by reselling the property.There are different ways how to obtain enough funds for investing.

Russ Whitney suggests that current market situation can favor buyers or sellers and these trends should influence future decisions.It is very important to the seller to research the real estate market beforehand, and never fully rely on real estate agents.Sometimes it’s hard to follow real estate market trends when deciding to sell property first.

Buying and Selling property are most of the popular ways retirees use for buying real estate.Selling old property before buying a new one is good because future buyer knows the amount of money they put in.If current home still requires mortgage payments, it is much easier to get and handle one mortgage payment at a time.

Taking a mortgage loan for a new home is advisable especially if debtor already paid off all his/her previous loans.Lender might ask for clean credit history and healthy retirement accounts.Taking mortgage loans during retirement is to decide for easier and more affordable payment plans.Applying for a new mortgage can be little bit tricky for retirees.

For buying real estate buyers need to have large funds on their accounts,more money they have the better their self-directed programs will be.Thus the real estate purchase can be affordable if buyer plans to earn significant profits on this property, by renting or reselling it after the market trends change.

Russ Whitney Real Estate News: Best Ways to Sell Homes

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Russ Whitney offers-Best Ways to Sell Homes

Many people have become interested in buying rental property.If you're a real estate agent and looking for people who want to search you should know how to manage your time wisely. Remember - the saying 'time is money' is very true for all real estate professionals and therefore you should know how to use your time tactfully for closing more deals.

If you don't have an idea of how to manage your time wisely, you may end up losing commissions or putting in more labor than what is required. By learning how to manage time, you will also be able to mitigate the stress level too. Russ Whitney claims that it's very necessary that you need to know the tricks of time management.

Make Checklist-

It's a simple, yet effective way to get more things done in a short span of time. It's quite easy to create checklists and you can reuse the basic structure time and again to create newer ones. Making use of a checklist gives you a positive reinforcement which you can track what you've already done and what else you need to do.

Choose the Best Home Buyers-

As there is no specific and effective way to choose buyers, agents often have to deal with a great extent. Make sure you check the report and scores as well as the financing capability of a buyer before arranging a meeting with them. If they doesn't seem to be a good fit for the property, it’s better to avoid a meet.

Allocate Time for Breaks and Work-

Most real estate agents work at a stretch for hours and then take a break. If you're already exhausted, it will take more time to recover, leading to a lot of time wastage. Consider working in medium length blocks and then take breaks to recharge yourself.In these way you can manage your time better and close more deals with people who are interested in buying property or home.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Investors Should Really Think About Stock Market says "Russ Whitney"

May is only half over, but it’s more than time to call “sell in May and go away” a losing strategy.That’s not just because the market is on a pace to double its year-to-date returns this month.Instead it’s because market axioms and rules tend to be more about comfort than investing logic, and the comfortable path is the best one for most investors.The flaws don’t stop investors from considering it a real strategy.

The strategy is based on the historical results of the stock market from May through October, compared to outcome from the other six months of the year.The average return of 0.3% from May to October, compared with a 7.5% gain in the November-April time frame.Those results don’t include transaction costs and taxes on any profits which academics can avoid but investors can’t but they also show that the idea is less about dumping stocks to avoid summer-fall losses.

Mostly, trading volumes are lower during summer vacation months, and stocks tend to be more volatile at times when there is less liquidity in the market.But the entire idea involves thinking like a trader, where the slow summer months show fewer trends of any sort.

Traders like trends and selling in May for a trader is a track record of small gains, it’s not worth to be in the market for that half of the year.However, the public saw it as a statement that the market is a loser from May through November, helped along by the perception that many of the market’s worst days have come in October.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Apple Plans to Launch Apple TV Remote says Russ Whitney

The Apple TV remote control is going to get its first big makeover.Among the big changes to the remote are a touch pad, a thicker size and the elimination of all but two of its buttons.The updated remote is expected to be released in June at Apple's annual developers conference in San Francisco. Along with the remote, developers will hear about a new version of Apple TV and the tech giant's strategy to entice cord-cutters.

Apple was working with content creators to bundle about 25 channels for about $30 to $40 a month starting this fall.There was a $15 month version of streaming service, launched this spring, allowing users to access HBO on Apple devices without a cable or satellite subscription.Tech giant Apple, rated Aa1/AA+, announced a seven-tranche U.S. dollar benchmark bond on Wednesday to finance the repurchase of stock and dividends.

It will replace blackberry and it will be a blackberry of the future.There is a big makeover for Apple as after using the Apple TV remote you can easily navigate around without having to look at the remote.This remote design is the best and great feature. Hence in upcoming future we will be looking forward to pick up a spare at a big discount.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Russ Whitney promotes-Foreclosure Activity in Florida Set in March

The activity in South Florida mirrors a national trend in foreclosure increases.It was because of a jump in bank repossessions of homes.The firm found 6,329 foreclosure filings in area, up from 4,577 filings in February. A filing counts as a new foreclosure lawsuit, a judgment or a repossession.

The March increase is continued cleanup of distress still lingering from the previous housing crisis.Some of most stubborn foreclosure cases are finally being flushed out of the foreclosure pipeline, and we would expect to see more noise in the numbers over the next few months as national foreclosure activity makes its way back to more stable patterns by the end of this year.

This is as healthy a market as we have seen since the boom. We wrote $400 million in real estate contracts during the quarter, which was the second strongest March in our 89-year history with only March 2005 beating these numbers.

3,169 foreclosure filings in March, up 58 percent from February and up 68 percent from March 2014.
1,872 foreclosure filings in March, up 29 percent from February but down 49 percent from March 2014.
1,288 foreclosure filings in March, up 16 percent from February but down 21 percent from March 2014.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Russ Whitney Shows Impact on Increase in Mortgage Rates

Even the slightest movement in mortgage rates can translate into more or less of a buyer’s purchasing power. Currently rates are still historically low however it looks like they could be going up. The Federal Reserve is planning to raise rates in the second or third quarter of this year but timing remains unclear.  The big question is whether the Fed will vote for an interest rate hike on mortgages to take effect in June.

If they do, expect jam-packed open houses and less inventory. Russ Whitney claims that as rates go up, people qualify for less, so you’ll probably get a smaller house. If you're a seller, you may find your open house slightly busier this spring especially when there’s rumblings of an interest rate hike, it causes a scare among buyers and people go out to look at properties. It gives sellers more leverage, because buyers want a place and they want it quickly before rates potentially rise.

If the increase happens, between now and June you'll see buyers that are on the fence more likely to follow through on the spring market. People will try to get in before rates rise and we might see prices rise. Sellers will still, for the most part, have the upper hand. For those who considering putting their home on the market this spring should take advantage of this mini-rush.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Russ Whitney- Real Estate Trends Set for Spring Market

The Stronger price growth is a boon for home owners looking to build additional equity, but it continues to be an obstacle for current buyers looking to close before rates rise.Thus Russ Whitney states reinforcing the real estate growth is regional.

Here are some of Russ Whitney's top tips for 2015 to help the real estate process.As temperature gets warmer bit closer to spring real estate market is ready to bloom.No one can accurately predict when this real estate uptick will end or how hard, or soft, a landing it will make.

Millennial Year:
2015 is the year Millennials will overtake Generation Xers as homebuyers, according to Zillow. real estate professionals should get ready for the influx. Getting to know what they want in a home, and connecting via social media. With this interest, coupled with rising rental rates, expect the amount of Millennials entering the real estate marketplace to do the same.

Easier for first time homeowners:
To help with steady income and good credit,to purchase a home. Instead of needing 5, 10 or even 20% for a down payment, homebuyers could qualify to purchase a home with a little 3% down. This would open the door for many on the home ownership to become your clients this spring.

Interest rates to rise:
The interest rates were going to rise this year. Be ready for first-time homebuyers to take advantage of low rates, while the market can be unpredictable, and these are just a few possible trends that could be making their way to your market in 2015. Protect every home you sell with an Home Warranty.

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Russ Whitney-Real Estate Trends and Mortgages

Russ Whitney is a recognized worldwide leader in the business, real estate investment, and financial training fields. Real Estate investing has long been proven to make tons of cash for the active investor and many of the real estate investing methods and techniques used to make money.

Market progression can always be connected to a number of things, one of them being that there are a few real estate trends. There are those who become very involved in the real estate marketplace and the real estate trends seem to affect their lives in a number of habits.Creating videos in rising products is a great trend for realestate sellers because they can able to take properties to clients rather than taking client to the properties.

Mortgage is a loan to buy a property and the process of securing a mortgage means lender approval based on your income,credit rating and other debt.Some of the basic mortgage rules are:

Select Right Interest Rate:
Interest rate which you choose to pay mortgage varies from permanent wherein the rate will not alter for the term of mortgage but a bit higher that is measured more stable.

Ways of Affording Mortgage:
Try and test the mortgages you choose monthly debt loan should be less than 40% of monthly income so that what you can afford mortgage-wise.

Knowing Fixed Cost:
It is very important to take stock of your habits and fixed cost before you spend on mortgages.When putting your household budget along with student debt,car payments be honest with all the fixed cost.

Thus real estate trend continues to go better and better as time goes by despite of many competitions in the real estate world.Its a good news for real estate investors,buyers,sellers as long as they perform legal ways in dealing with real estate negotiations.

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Russ Whitney Dealing With Real Estate Seminars

Real Estate have been evolved lot over of years and it varies from agent to agent.Some people still aren’t doing one while others have a streamlined process, automating their communications to their clients.A good real estate seminars are rich with substance and written to engage and entertain, not sell.He put forth some of the best ways through which each one of us can get the best possible real estate business tips from his own-The Real Life Coach.

Some of the factors that has to be taken note on real estate seminars so as to get a good help on marketing efforts.Russ Whitney put forth some of the best ways of business success:

1.Consistent Content Marketing
Good content marketing is meant to help, not sell, and engage your reader through interesting topics.

2.Persistent Subject Lines
You need to take some advantage to build trust with your readers, and be short and to the point.

3.Visually Appealing
Your newsletter should be representative of you and your brand too from colors to subject material.

Russ Whitney's real estate seminars are rich with substance and written to engage and entertain.Make sure to lower the interest rate by slight change in repetition.Improve your real estate strategy by learning advanced tips and tricks that will increase your find-ability online and ensure your real estate business gets seen by potential buyers and sellers.

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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Russ Whitney - Solid Real Estate Investment Strategies

Real estate investment is more composite than simply buying and selling homes. For choosing which strategy might work, Russ Whitney gives some rock-solid strategies. 

1. Buy and Hold

This real estate investment plan is usually known as rental properties and becoming a property-owner is easier than you think. You buy a property, you advertise it as for rent and you sign an agreement with your new occupant

2. Flipping

This is the art of buying and selling real estate asset without really taking ownership. In a flip situation real estate contracts get assigned and the being who assigns the contract to someone else classically gets a commission for their services. 

3. Rehabs

Rehabs are the most risky form of real estate investments and you search for a cheap, run-down property and you hope that your preliminary remodel cost estimates will leave enough room for a nice profit. 

4. New Construction

This is the most reasonable and easiest way of real estate investment. Getting into the initial phase probable of a new development is a sure thing to make money.

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