Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Russ Whitney insists-5 Important Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Choosing the correct real estate agent when you are selling or buying your home can make the difference between your home selling or buying in a short period of time on the market indefinitely. Russ Whitney's real estate tips helps you to find out if the realtor you are considering has what it takes to get your home sold here are five important questions you should ask your agent.

1. What testimonial and experience do you have?
First off, you clearly want to be certain your real estate agent is approved to sell houses in your state. In accumulation to ensuring your realtor is licensed, ask if they are a associate of any trade organizations, such as the National Association of Realtors.

2. Can I see your sales for the before six months?
In accumulation to looking at the number of homes the agent has sold, assess how long it took for houses to sell from the listing date, as well as the difference between the asking value and selling value. If there is a considerable gap between the listing and selling date and value, this might not be the best agent to sell your home.

3. What is your commission?
In most cases, you can guess to pay between 5% and 6% of the selling cost. Very rarely will the commission ever be superior to this. Depending on your realtor and how belligerent they are willing to be with marketing your house, you may even locate some who are willing to go as low as 3%.

4. What type of marketing plan do you have for my house?
Find out how the agent plans to go about bringing your home to the attention of potential buyers. Will they hold open houses? Are they going to place ads in local papers, local real estate magazines or weekly’s? List it on their agency facebook page or other social media networks?
5. How will you stay in touch with me?
A good realtor will ask you how you desire that communication take place. Do you wait for phone calls or prefer emails? Do you want a weekly update or do you only desire to be contacted with important information, such as an offer? He or she should stand by your wishes, but you should also try to compromise to come up with what works finest for both of you.

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