Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Russ Whitney’s charity box

Apart from being a millionaire real estate mentor and financial planner, Russ Whitney is also known for his philanthropic activities and charitable deeds. For the past 30 years, he has launched numerous charitable projects and the mission of his projects was to reach the needy through his good deeds. Beyond managing day-to-day operations of his business ventures, he also supports wide array of charitable organizations that includes youth programs, elder programs, domestic violence shelters, Salvation Army services, cancer analysis organizations etc. He assisted the rehabilitation of the prisoners by supplying home research courses and other training materials, which is capable of educating true meaning of life. He is an amazing personality, who cannot tolerate the sufferings of his fellow men around him, either physically or mentally.

Russ Whitney- The great philanthropist:

Though, he is keen in pursuing his company’s success, Whitney also strived hard for the social welfare. The real estate mentor showed special interest in youth development programs. Russ Whitney is well known for his work with at-risk youths, he successfully raised a fund of $2 million for building first youth center at his home town. The strategic business advisor has created job opportunities for several youths around the world, through his companies.

Man of generosity:

Beyond financial courses, he personally motivated people by giving advice on psychological aspects. He conducts free classes for financially backward people and trains them rigorously in improving communication skills, strengthening relationships and building personal financial strategies. Russ Whitney generously donated his time, cash and coaching resources to the poor and needy for placing them on fast track to success. For the welfare of people in Costa Rica, he built miles of roads, brought in best utilities and infrastructure at his own expense.

Russ Whitney’s self less service:

He employed the local Red Cross society with critical supplies, essential provisions etc. Russ Whitney followed the biblical tenet that “to whom much is given, much is expected.” This noble phrase impacted and motivated him to do service for people. He wants people to get benefited through his insights, so he made available his teaching materials as free downloadable files. Russ Whitney is the only person, who finds happiness in other’s happiness.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Russ Whitney and Real Estate! How it All started.

Russ Whitney, the famous real estate mentor decided to start his career in the field of real estate at the age of 20 years. He never attended high school; he started working in a slaughter house making 5 dollars per hour.

Russ Whitney was married at the age of 20 years and became a father of a kid at 21. Having experienced everything tough in his life in his early years, Russ Whitney wanted to do something great with his life. Something told him he could become rich, he could become successful and that’s when he came across a book about real estate and properties. The book actually mentioned a formula that could calculate if an investment in real estate would be profitable or not.

Russ Whitney was brought up with typical mindset around him, who believed that life will go all fine when you don’t try anything risky. It meant a work that was regular; it meant paying bills on time and simply flowing in life with the flow. But Russ Whitney dint want to do all of that. He wanted to live the life of his dreams, wanted to drive the car he desired and wanted to live his life being rich.

Despite not knowing anything about real estate, Russ Whitney still decided to risk it all the way and make a start to his career. He bought a $10 book that had information about real estate. Russ found it sensible and decided to step into the field of real estate and investments. But there was also something that intuited him about choosing this path. Russ calls it as his 6the sense. He could actually feel it. His 6th sense told him this could take him where he saw himself to be. He told himself that this could or could not work out for him, but he at least needed to give it a try.

Russ Whitney was inspired by Jim Rohn, whom he calls his mentor now. He had told him, “Don’t let you learning lead to Knowledge, and instead let your learning lead to action!” that’s what gets people rich. And that’s what Russ did. He turned his learning about real estate into action. And today Russ Whitney has trained thousands of people a month in the field of real estate and investment.

Russ Whitney says some people come to him for a reason; some come for a season and some for a lifetime. Today Russ Whitney calls himself as a stepping stone for all those who come to him for training. Russ Whitney specializes in training people how to become financially independent.

For Russ Whitney, it all started from a thought, a thought that led his learning into action. And that action has not only changed Russ Whitney’s life but through him changed the life of many others in and around him too. In the following video Russ Whitney himself talks about his success and how it all started for him.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Russ Whitney discusses Inner Voice at SANG VI

Larry Bent the founder & CEO of the Thought Leaders Mastermind Series, the SANG events, interviews Mr. Russ Whitney, popularly known as the Real estate Guru. Russ Whitney opens up on his book The Inner Voice and shares his experiences of his personal life. The speech by Russ Whitney was more of a casual talk than an actual speech, which actually made the audience interactive. Russ Whitney was successful in conveying his ideas in a clearer manner.

His speech has not only inspired the audience present there, but also the viewers online. The below screenshot shows the comments from his overwhelmed fans who listened to Russ Whitney’s speech which turned out to be a life changing experience for many.