Thursday, 5 November 2015

Russ Whitney- The real estate king

Russ Whitney, a pioneer in real estate investing and training, began his career in a humble way and became a renowned real estate investor, self made millionaire within a short span of time. Millions of entrepreneurs and young business men were benefited by Russ Whitney’s real estate advices and high end business consultancies. His power packed guidance could reap high profit in any business, irrespective of their current position and capital. Careful planning, true dedication made Russ Whitney become the master in the field of real estate. Through his insights, even a small scale entrepreneur can achieve a remarkable level of financial independence without any risk.

Perfect real estate consultant:

There are many real estate trainers available today, but Russ Whitney is quite different from them. His sound real estate knowledge and helpful advice will equip you with the business investing tricks and helps you rank among the rich. The real estate investing guru get you acquainted about various techniques, options, strategies and business development ethics that can scale your business to next level. The best part of Russ is that apart from expert financial advice, he motivates you personally and helps get rid from the feelings of insecurity about real estate investing.

Russ Whitney’s books:

The real estate connoisseur wants his wisdom and insights reliable to everyone, so he authored several books that explain seemingly difficult real estate concepts in an easy way. The practical and proven strategies provided in the book renders you immense knowledge about money making opportunities.Some of his fabulous books include:

  • Hurdles and pitfalls of real estate investing

  • Building wealth

  • Millionaire real estate mentor

  • The millionaire real estate mindset

  • Inner voice: unlock your purpose and passion

Whitney wrote more than 30 books, work books,home study course materials; among them building wealth was his master piece.With this collection of books, one can successfully negotiate and develop the real estate business with self assurance.

Real estate achievements:

Russ Whitney is capable to transform a small scale entrepreneur to CEO through his skillful guidance. He is a share holder in many national and international companies. Whitney with his accumulated wisdom and real estate knowledge scaled one of his businesses from $0 to $250 million dollars per year in revenue. One of his most significant achievement is that he agreed to partner in a fledging construction company that was encountering poor revenue. Under his leadership and guidance the company had revenues of $750 million within a short span of time.

Russ Whitney’s real estate projects:

Skyline/Trafalgar land project:

Russ Whitney purchased 28 acre land for a huge sum of $5, 160,000. He developed a site plan and dissected the land into several parcels that are provided with utilities. He successfully sold the parcel for $8, 500,000 with a profit of $3, 340,000.

Bent wood estates ALF:

A bentwood estate ALF is his on-going project. A 247 bed assisted living facility with full care Alzheimer units. Currently these units were under sale.

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