Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Apple Plans to Launch Apple TV Remote says Russ Whitney

The Apple TV remote control is going to get its first big makeover.Among the big changes to the remote are a touch pad, a thicker size and the elimination of all but two of its buttons.The updated remote is expected to be released in June at Apple's annual developers conference in San Francisco. Along with the remote, developers will hear about a new version of Apple TV and the tech giant's strategy to entice cord-cutters.

Apple was working with content creators to bundle about 25 channels for about $30 to $40 a month starting this fall.There was a $15 month version of streaming service, launched this spring, allowing users to access HBO on Apple devices without a cable or satellite subscription.Tech giant Apple, rated Aa1/AA+, announced a seven-tranche U.S. dollar benchmark bond on Wednesday to finance the repurchase of stock and dividends.

It will replace blackberry and it will be a blackberry of the future.There is a big makeover for Apple as after using the Apple TV remote you can easily navigate around without having to look at the remote.This remote design is the best and great feature. Hence in upcoming future we will be looking forward to pick up a spare at a big discount.

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