Thursday, 19 February 2015

Russ Whitney - Solid Real Estate Investment Strategies

Real estate investment is more composite than simply buying and selling homes. For choosing which strategy might work, Russ Whitney gives some rock-solid strategies. 

1. Buy and Hold

This real estate investment plan is usually known as rental properties and becoming a property-owner is easier than you think. You buy a property, you advertise it as for rent and you sign an agreement with your new occupant

2. Flipping

This is the art of buying and selling real estate asset without really taking ownership. In a flip situation real estate contracts get assigned and the being who assigns the contract to someone else classically gets a commission for their services. 

3. Rehabs

Rehabs are the most risky form of real estate investments and you search for a cheap, run-down property and you hope that your preliminary remodel cost estimates will leave enough room for a nice profit. 

4. New Construction

This is the most reasonable and easiest way of real estate investment. Getting into the initial phase probable of a new development is a sure thing to make money.

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