Monday, 15 December 2014

Russ Whitney Warrior to Statesperson

Russ Whitney mentions some few tactics about people stuck in warrior mode of life they have a feeling of shame and guilt that has been done in past.How to predict the same in future might also be included in warrior mode.He states that once we move from warrior mode to states-person we can overcome a peaceful journey that involves moving away our negative thoughts and attitude to a positive side of our life.

Whitney's Inner Voice help each and every individual to recognize their own states-person qualities,power to understand and the inner gift that can fill our lives with energy and to live happily in present without any fear, frustration and anger.Inner Voice gives you an opportunity to prove yourself with others in terms of taking back your guiltiness,anger and make them filled with your joy,acceptance and tranquility.

His book gives lot of challenges and effectiveness to meet any kind of problems with quick sort of answers.If any one of us has been affected with negative thoughts take away all the annoying and frustrated things from life and meet the challenge with a positive approach like increasing your patience,understanding the cause and accepting the problem.Thus Whitney states that turning all negatives into positive is the states-person way of thinking which the pinnacle of Inner Voice is.

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