Thursday, 11 December 2014

Russ Whitney Business Mindset

Russ Whitney being well known in his work as a risk youth he was a successful fundraiser to build the first Youth Center in his hometown.Personally he has supported a wide range of charitable organizations including youth programs ,army services and many more.He being the real estate developer of Monterrey,Costa Rica he put all his efforts to stock the local Red Cross medical center with critical supplies by donating and transporting essential supplies.

Whitney wrote in his book Inner Voice:Unlock Your Purpose and Passion being surrounded by love and giving it freely to those around you is truly one of the best ways to unlock your passion for life.He is recognized as a worldwide leader in business,real estate investment and financial training fields.Whitney's many of the achievements include founding and building one of the largest growing business publicly traded financial education companies all over the world.

Being an author of more than 30 books Russ started his own home courses which includes the best sellers of Building Wealth,Millionaire Real Estate Mentor and Millionaire Real Estate Mindset helped him to launch a personal quest to find the meaning of life?Whitney's search for the truth took him five years journey to lead the creation of Inner Voice.He provides a guide for learning and applying Inner Voice principles and strategies. 

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